Sneak Peak

Okay, I didn't get too far in my office/dining switch, but I did get the furniture switched and dragged a desk out of storage.  I'm also going to have to adjust my stripes...I changed the cream to a grey/blue for a subtler tone on tone, but it's so subtle that the contrast is now almost non-existent.  I'd like to be finished by Wed. nite, because I've tentatively scheduled some people over.  Wish me luck.


Tracy said...

Hi. I live in NOLA and check your blog frequently. Please tell me where you purchased the light fixture over the desk. Thanks.

Design Optimist said...

Armstrong lighting off Clearview and West Esplanade in downtown, picturesque Metry. The fixture is Uttermost.

Graham said...

That cat is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

Vickie H. said...

I am liking this look....and I think the cat vase is TO DIE FOR!!!

Design Optimist said...


The cat "vase" is actually a novelty wine bottle from World Market, originally filled with delicious Reisling.

based on my knowledge of cats and their inherently evil ways, I'm sure it would be delighted to know it's inspiring nightmares.

Marlo said...

Good job! That cat is definitely getting all the attention - right smack in the middle of the office - so cute! I really like how you laid out the furniture with the desk next to the window so that the light comes in from the side while you are working and how it faces the doorway; I don’t like having my back to the entrance. I think most people would have pushed the desk against the wall so it’s great that you didn’t do that.

That chandelier is a workhorse; it looked great when the space was a dining room and it looks great for the office. You made a great choice when you bought it.

Are those shelves the stair-type - not sure what the proper name is. Do you find them to be more sturdy than regular bookcases or about the same? I’m looking for bookcases and haven’t decided what style I want yet.

Btw, love your new blog header!

Design Optimist said...


About the shelves...These are really sturdy and were originally on the expensive side (I got them at half price when our local Storehouse closed). I also screw them into the wall with a couple of drywall screws through the back of the top shelf. I like the look, but I don't know if I'd use them again if I had other choices--We don't have an Ikea, and my budget for somewhat fivolous home improvements is limited, so I worked with what I had. What I liked about the shelves is the graduated shelves (narrow on top to wider on bottom) keep them from feeling too bulky, which is really important since they are near an entrance door and you see them from the side as well as head on. However, thoses graduated shelves mean than not every book or item looks equally good on every shelf. And I think that the space between shelves is a little too wide for effecient storage---in order to fit everything, I have to stack it a little high, so removing books can be a little annoying. Hope that helps.