Design Resolutions: Bedroom redo update

Last thursday, I decided to get a head start on my design resolution # 1 (trying to make my house as magazine worthy as possible on an extremely tight budget by working on some problem areas) by embarking on a cosmetic redo of the bedrooom. Some reader seemed surprised that I was aiming for a Dec. 20th deadline. They should have been surprised. Apparently I was smoking crack to think I could churn out a redo that quick. Since then, I've experienced some unexpected work issues, some forgotten social obligations, and extreme forces of nature (parts of New Orleans experienced flash floods). And laziness....I didn't mention the bouts of pure laziness. However, there has been some progress: the painting is almost complete, and I love the new color, Riverway from Sherwin Williams: it's a beautiful, deep, blue-green teal with a lot of gray undertones (it may not be apparent from the pictures, but it's much darker than the original aqua paint). *Note: this is why one should pay some attention to paint names---the original paint was named Vintage Kitchen---and that's what it looked like. It would have been great and cheery in a 30s style kitchen, but it was a little too bright and perky for a non-morning person's bedroom. Years ago, I had a similiar situation where, only after painting a large portion of a friend's den did I notice that the beige I thought I had chosen from a small swatch was acutally a pale lavender--I rushed to the paint can to see that lavender was actually in the name....I hadn't noticed--luckily the friend was female and okay with the lavender).

I've also had the headboard (from a salvaged door) hung, and the sconces remounted. I love it. Unfortunately the free bed frame I had been gifted was for a full size and not queen, so I have to hunt another one down...I may not make the deadline, but I'm on the way.

And frankly, the deadline was somewhat artifical. I just know that I can never get off my can unless I have some sort of ending date in mind.


dee dee said...

looking forward to seeing the completed project! dee dee

carla fox said...

The wall color sounds scrumptuous! I'm going over to SW to pick up a color chip tomorrow! I like the headboard too. Hope it has been well sanded; wouldn't want any splinters grabbing at anyone:)