Tuscan Inspired

A client's Italian country inspired sunroom. I picked the finish to complement the client's collection of sunflower themed oil paintings which have great sentimental signifigance and to balance the paneled living room from which this opens.

The clients wanted an tuscan inspired finish that resembled old plaster in their newly painted dining room. Before:

After: (p.s. it's not the total after: they are planning on a new buffet, window treatments and slipcovering or replacing chairs.)

The nearby powder room, with red upper walls and faux cypress paneling below. I decided on this combination because the client loved the existing red walls, but they were overwhelming for a tiny space (4x6!). The wainscotting cuts the darkness and ties in the existing cypress vanity and doors. For the drama and red the client requested, I layered copper, antique bronze, and metallic brown glazes over the red with gold accents. The room will be finished with a pale granite counter top and bisque fixtures.

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